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get assistance

Habitat for Humanity of Utah County has expanded its mission to include critical home repair and preservation. As part of this mission expansion, we have purchased, renovated, and sold seven homes to local families and has completed over 70 critical home repair and home preservation projects for area low-income homeowners including roof repair, floor replacement, and accessible ramp installation.

Habitat for Humanity of Utah County currently offers critical home repair and preservation grants and no-interest loans up to $15,000 to low-income homeowners, seniors and Veterans living in Utah County (except Lehi) and works with professional labor and volunteers to complete the needed repairs and projects. Grants and loans will be used to repair critical damage to a home or eliminate immediate hazards to health, safety, and/or sanitation. Grants and loans will also be used for home preservation activities, such as, exterior painting, fence and porch repair, and property clean-up and maintenance.

Do I Qualify?

Habitat for Humanity invites you to apply for one of our Neighborhood Revitalization Critical Home Repair and Home Preservation Programs. Grants and zero percent interest rate loans (depending on income) are available to low income homeowners, seniors and Veterans living in Utah County (except in Lehi).

To qualify, you must:

  • Own and live in home (name must be on title)
  • Be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Utah County by providing “sweat equity” hours
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or have permanent resident status
  • Live in Utah County (outside Lehi)
  • Earn 0-80% of the Area Median Income (see chart below)
  • Project cost to be repaid (for loans only)
  • Sweat equity hours required
  • Pay a $10.00 application fee

health and safety concerns

Included, but are not limited to:

  • Unsafe roofing or flooring
  • Lack of heat
  • Electrical hazards
  • Plumbing hazards

Home Repair Does not address

  • Cosmetic repairs or painting
  • Replacing carpeting or flooring (unless for structural reasons)
  • Window replacement (unless current windows are rotted or contain lead)
  • Bathroom renovations or remodels (unless for accessibility issues or as needed following plumbing repairs)

ready to apply?

We are excited to be adding Critical Home Repair to Habitat of Utah County soon. To be informed when we start with the program or about the application process, please

Application Steps

  1. 1 Initial Review
  2. 2 Application
  3. 3 Income Verification
  4. 4 Credit & background check

Step 01

Initial Review

  1. Single-family, detached houses only
  2. Home must be in Utah County (outside Lehi)
  3. Applicant must own and occupy the home (name must be on title)
  4. Tax Assessment Building Value must be no more than $100,000
  5. All property taxes must be paid in full

Step 02


If applicant meets requirements in the initial review, an application will be distributed. Application must be turned in to Habitat Utah County by the specified date with all required and necessary documents.

Step 03

Income Verification

Income of homeowner(s) must fall at or below 80% of HUD median income to be approved.

Find out where you fall on the HUD median income scale. 

Step 04

Credit & background check

  1. All applicants will have their credit checked, and mortgage must be current
  2. A background check is required for all household members aged 16-and-older.