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Need for Housing
  • Living in overcrowded housing
  • Living in substandard housing (water leaks, electrical or heating problems, etc.)
Willingness to Partner
  • Household willing to perform Sweat Equity hours and make a down payment.
  • Have lived or worked in Utah County for the last year
  • Show a need, the ability to pay monthly house payment, and be willing to partner with Habitat of Utah County.
  • Applicants must be a U.S. Citizen or have permanent resident status.
General Information
  • Sweat equity hours must be completed by house closing.
  • Downpayment and closing costs must be provided by house closing.
  • Size of house is determined by current size of family. We do not build for the future. We will consider current pregnancy and other relatives who will join you soon.
  • We accept families who are on Section 8 Housing.
  • We check the sexual offenders registry.
  • Houses can take 8 – 24 months to complete.
Ability to Pay
  • Income: Earn 25%-60% of the Area Median Income. Refer to this chart and match your total family income with the total number of family members to check your income eligibility.
    • Social Security and Child Support count as income.
    • Food stamps, welfare, and unemployment benefits do not count as income.
  • Delinquent Debt: Less than 20% of your income goes to debt.
  • Medical Debt: will be considered separately
  • Outstanding Debt: No more than $1,000 in outstanding debt at the time of application, excluding student loan or automobile loan debt. (Child Support counts as debt.)
  • Judgments: show completion or payoff arrangement. Must be completed by house closing.
  • Bankruptcy: has to be resolved for at least 2 years.

getting started

If you meet these qualifications and are interested in participating in our affordable homeownership program, please call (801) 344-8527 to have your name put on our orientation list. You will be notified when the next orientation will be held.

Application Steps

  1. 1 Request An Application**
  2. 2 Income & Credit Report
  3. 3 Orientation Session
  4. 4 Complete Documentation
  5. 5 Background Check
  6. 6 Visit & Interview
  7. 7 Pre-Approval

Step 01

Request An Application**

Fill out the application packet carefully and submit all required documentation:

  1. Completed application
  2. Two recent months of paystubs (and/or proof of any other stable income)
  3. $20 application fee.

Step 02

Income & Credit Report

Habitat of Utah County calculates your income and pulls a credit report. If income and credit meet our requirements, you will be invited to participate in step 3.

Step 03

Orientation Session

Applicants that meet the initial criteria will be invited to attend a mandatory 1-hour orientation session and will receive a documentation packet required to move forward in the process.

Step 04

Complete Documentation

Submit all items requested in the documentation packet by the deadline provided.

Step 05

Background Check

Your criminal background, employment history and rental history are verified.

Step 06

Visit & Interview

Two members of the Homeowner Selection Committee will contact you to set up a time to visit and interview at your current residence.

Step 07


Pre-approved applicants begin Homeowner-In-Process training, which includes attending mandatory homeownership classes and completing the required number of Sweat Equity hours.